22 mars 2006



Besides the normal taxi meters in Shanghai,, there are some other private taxis (also with Meter), that I always use for the long distance, and especially when I need to go to the airport or pick up somebody at the airport. It's even ideal for business visitors who need private car with driver to go further and out of Shanghai.

There are plenty of private taxis...it's mostly known by words of mouth. I know one private taxi, kind of family-managed taxi company, they have about 5 cars and quite well organised. A reservation by phone is necessary. Unfortunately they only speak in Chinese...few English for now.

All they ask is :

  • your name, (nin gui xing?)
  • your phone number, (ni de dianhua haoma?)
  • when and what time you need the taxi, (Sheme shi-hou? , Ji-dian?)
  • where to pick you up, (Dao na-li?)
  • where is your destination (Song dao na li?)

I always call them to pick up somebody at the airport with 'name sign'. The driver always help for carrying and taking care of luggage (which is not the case for normal taxis where they just stand and watch you 'do it by yourself'. The service is excellent and the price is exactly the same as normal taxi. The meter is well hidden in the frontal storing place. Looking from outside, we couldn't say it's a taxi. They always provide 'fa piao' (the taxi receipt).

It's Wolksvagen GOLF, sometimes BUICK a lot of space, more comfortable, driver is very polite, they can speak few English but  I'm always impressed by there service.

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