28 mars 2006

The so-called "Yellow Paper"

Temporary Residence Permit
the so-called "Yellow Paper".


This is the one used by hotel (Click to see full image)

This document's nickname is "huáng dān"

Every foreign vistor, after entering China, has to request for a Temporary Residence permit (the yellow paper) at the nearest Police station. If you are tourist, stay in a hotel, the hotel reception will arrange that for you.

If you are just visiting China for a few days or more, I don't think it's important to have this paper, but however, better safe than sorry. Because we never know what kind of trouble we will have if once the office just ask for this paper. It might cost you a lot not to do so.

How much it costs?

= It costs nothing.

 Where to obtain the yellow paper

  • Reception of the hotel where you check-in the first day.
  • Management office (务业 : wù yè) of your compound, apartment, residence,
  • Nearest police station

What to bring along?

  • Passport (they will make a photocopy of 1)your passport info page, 2)visa page, 3)date of entry stamp
  • Lease contract (only if you rent a house or apartment in Shanghai)
  • Namecard of company you work for or deal with might be useful

Just Bring along your passport ( of course, with the valid visa inside) ,the police officer will check the following :

  • Your name, nationality, date of birth
  • passport number,
  • Type of visa, date of expiry
  • Visa number,
  • Date of entry (from the Airport's stamp),
  • Your company's name and address, esp. if you are on F-visa or Z-visa
  • Lease contract, apartment's owner's name.

Everything will be mentioned on this so-called "Yellow paper"

It comes necessary when you have to :

  • apply for residence permit,
  • extend the visa,
  • renew the visa,
  • dealing with the Chinese authorities
  • etc..

Once you have got the real 'residence permit', you don't need to ask for this yellow paper.
But if you are on, for example, F-VISA with multiple entry, double or single entry, you have to request for this yellow paper EVERY TIME you ENTER CHINA.

Well sounds complicated but....the simple reason is... THIS IS CHINA....

PS. it seems to have 2 versions, the one used by Hotel, the other for those who rent an apartment or house in Shanghai.

This is the one used by Management office, for those who rent, live in Shanghai (Click to see full image)


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