06 avril 2006

Peking Duck & Spicy Tofu

Let's change a little bit...switch to mouth watering topic...Peking Duck...
Today, I had a chance to try the famous Peking Duck.
My friend and I went to Ya Wang, (Duck King). Wow, it's delicious,
We were about 18 people, sharing 4 Peking ducks and some other dishes.
All together we paid about 1000 RMB, we went AA zhi (Chinese's way of saying American Share),
per person, I paid about 60 RMB..
The crispy duck skin, on the white thin crepe, with some slice leak and cucumber,
the sweet brown sauce. That's nice!
Here's my photo sharing... Hmm yummy....

Art of slicing Peking Duck.

Thin crispy Duck skin  +  sweet brown sauce + leak  +  duck meat
image012 plusimage013 plus image025

                                           White crepe     or    sesame bread
                                      image026   image029     

=    image028 Just wrap it, then we get the PK Duck bite

Another famous Chinese dish is "Ma Po Dou Fu"...The spicy tofu with some mince meat...Hmmm...Yummy

image027 Ma Po Dou Fu

After we asked for the bill, I just noticed that all the chefs and teams are in the dining hall,
Guess what they are doing? Playing cards..... This seems to be one of Chinese popular hobbies...


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