19 avril 2006

Inside Taxi (again..)

Last time I talked about Taxi, but no inside pictures. Now I got some.
Here is from passenger back seat's view. Each taxi is equiped with this plastic dock.
To separate the driver and passengers...
To show the address , to pay or to give something to driver,
we just have to go through a small space above the dock..


Here comes the meter and the taxi driver's ID number. Each driver has star(s). More stars means something special, for example a taxi who can speak other language than Chinese get more stars, or who know ..That's what I heard. It's like the more stars he has, the better he is than the others..
Well, I can't justify...but I just think most of them drive with the same manner...that means ...
...you'd better fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight!!


Some tips (by the way, no need to tip taxi driver in China, nobody does so) :

Useful Taxi language

<--         Zuo Guai (pronounced "juow gway")     = Turn Left
-->         You Guai (pronounced "yoh gway")      = Turn Right
|             Yi zhi zou (Pronounced "ee djeuh joh") = Go straight
U             Diao Tou (pronounced "teaow toh")     = Make a U-turn
(!)          Ting !                                             = Stop

Qian Mian (pronounced "shian mian")   = In front / ahead

Zhe li    (pronounced "djer lee")          = Here

Na li  (pronounced "naah lee")              = There

(tricks with Chinese tones, Na li can means "where" or "there" depends on how one pronounces.. but I think taxi driver will certainly understand what you mean..)

One more phrase that can save your life if he goes too fast :
"Man Yi dian" or just "Man man!!" (Means "slow down!")

Last but not least, always ask for "fa piao" (the receipt)..

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