01 février 2007

Shanghai Subway

Shanghai Subway (called "di(4)-tie(3)" in Chinese)


Subway is the most efficient way of traveling around Shanghai. It's fast, it's cheap and it's easy.

At present (in 2006), there are 4-5 main subway lines. Other lines are under construction and will be in use very soon.

Global view of Shanghai Subway line.

Main line is Red (line 1) and Green color (line 2)

Let's get started:

Ticket office

Be ready to fight for your queue, some people might cut in the line.

In general, the ticket officers don't mind at all who comes first or line.


For those who are frequent users of Shanghai Subway, it's preferable to use the magnetic prepaid transportation card. It's called  JIAOTONG Card (jiao1tong1ka3 / 交通卡)

This 'Jiaotong' card' can be used in Subway, Taxi, Bus and boat. (It seems that we can use it in McDonald's)

This card requires a 30RMB deposit,

for example : if you pay 50Rmb, your usable value is 20Rmb.

if you pay 100Rmb, your credit is 70Rmb.

Available at any Subway ticket counter in every subway station.

Why opt for Jiaotong Card ?

No need to queue up to buy ticket each time.

No validity. Get out of subway area faster, you only need to swipe the card on the optic reader. (No need to take out the card each time, the optic reader can scan through clothes, handbags, wallet)


This is normal appearance of Jiaotong card. If you are lucky, you can find some nice new collection. It's credit card size.

This is the entrance and exit, the optic card reading machine is on the top. (Green color)

Each time you enter, the value of the card is shown.

When leaving the station, the remaining value is shown.

How to read the sign :

From Left to Right : Towards direction - Next station - Actual Station.

In general, the train is always crowded, people waiting outside the train normally don't leave space for inside-the-train people come out. Normally, there is always a 'pushing'..don't be surprised.

This is the 'usual rush hour' image.

Be sure to get information about your exit. In general, there are 3-4 exits for each station. Some major stations like People Square has 12 exits or Xujiahui has 14 exits. If you misses the right exit, be ready for a long walk....

Shanghai Subway Map is available at

Shanghai Subway Map(Image from Urbanrail.net)

NB :

Line 2 (Green color) has changed some station names from
-Henan Zhong lu (or  Middle Henan) changed to Nanjing Dong lu
-Shi Men Yi lu
changed to Nanjing Xi lu
-Dongfang lu
changed to Shiji Avenue/Shiji da dao

Make sure to always keep up with the updated information as Shanghai has a lot of changes so fast and


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  • Super !

    I agree best way of transportation.


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  • It's unbelievable how they are extending the lines !

    Posté par Chinois, 26 novembre 2008 à 13:19 | | Répondre
  • Subway is usually best.

    I've travelled to many cities in the world. Where there is a subway, it is almost always the easiest, fastest and many times cheapest way to get around. It doesn't matter if your in Beijing, Shanghai, London, Hong Kong or Paris - if you can use the subway then it makes life very easy. I always look at the location of the nearest subway when choosing which hotel to stay at. If there's no subway nearby then I drop that hotel choice.

    Posté par Rincewind42, 10 août 2010 à 11:34 | | Répondre
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  • Shanghai Interpreter

    good article

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  • Shanghai Interpreter

    i hate taking line 9 in the morning!

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  • So detailed, huh.

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  • Shanghai Subways...

    It maybe a good idea to update your maps for the Shanghai subway system. For the Expo in 2010, they've added subway lines wherever they can. While it's much more convenient, it can get confusing for when and how to change from one line to the next. During rush hours, you'll probably feel like a sardine being packed into a tin can. All in all, it's the cheapest and more efficient way to travel in Shanghai. By the way, did you know that if you take two public transportation one after another, they'll give you a discount?

    Posté par Shanghai Guy, 12 décembre 2011 à 11:44 | | Répondre
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