19 avril 2006


It's not that I smoke that I talked about cigarettes...Just because I found the variety of cigarettes in Shanghai is interesting. Moreover a lot of people in Shanghai smoke! Some can smoke at the same as taking meals. Some can smoke in the forbidden places, just sitting right under the "no smoking" sign and smoke. They don't care wheter people nearby can tolerate or not, just a 'pleasure of smoking'... Cigarettes can be found everywhere. In general, a pack of cigarettes cost from 4 RMB to 16 RMB. Depends on brandname and... [Lire la suite]
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23 mars 2006

SKYPE & YAHOO : Price comparison

SKYPE out  vs YAHOO Phone out. Price comparison : Skype vs Yahoo Recently I was studying the price difference between Skype and Yahoo for their PC to Phone (VOIP - Voice over internet protocal),  it think  my sharing might be useful to some other people. Personally I use Skype, it works very well, sometimes the voice quality is not very good, but most of the time it's perfect. I don't know Yahoo Phone out service yet, but prices are very attractive. I tried to convert the price of Skype into US $ so that we can... [Lire la suite]
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